Would The Beatles Use A Portable Vaporizer?

A lot of people firmly believe that the Beatles smoked pot, however there are still a large number of fans who don’t really think so. This debate has been raging on for quite some time now, and it will be interesting to get some opinions from other people as to how this is actually appearing. Regardless of what you think about the Beatles music, you must agree that they had a huge impact on society and formed some new trends with their style and delivery. Their impact on young women and the social structures surrounding having a good time and the party atmosphere were astronomical. You can really tell a great band by the members personalities and how they perceived themselves, and we believe that the Beatles really had a firm grip on reality. They were never too boastful and were always very humble, even when receiving praise. When you compare this to the extreme arrogance displayed by modern hip hop artists you can see how this makes a huge turn and has an impact that is ridiculous on society. Our young people have been exposed to these clowns long enough, and we need to get back to more wholesome roots like we had back in the 60’s.

If you remember correctly, a lot of people didn’t like the Beatles and they protested them regularly in the streets with signs, saying that they were promoting sex and the rock and roll lifestyle. It really gets confusing, because in the modern world we are so accustomed to seeing all of this junk pile up in our minds that we have sort of become desensitized to it all. That is why we really need to control ourselves to see if we can get a handle on this information that is being presented here. You can’t figure out what is going on unless you start tracing things back to our roots and analyzing the behavior of our ancestors to see what this has all lead to. The slow evolution of our modern social structures has taken literally thousands of years, and we now live in a complex ecosystem of social information that bombards us on a daily basis. If we are to survive in this climate, then we must to something to change and adapt ourselves to fit within these designated guidelines, or else we will be left behind and not really be in tune with what is going on here.

If the Beatles did in fact smoke pot, we believe that they would have smoked their marijuana with a portable vaporizer. Someone should really ask Paul McCartney the next time they see him, if he smoked marijuana today would he use a vaporizer or a bong? I would be very interested to know the answer. Well, that’s it for this article. We hope that you enjoyed this topic and please leave your comments and questions below.

Listening To Great Music

There have been many great musicians over the course of the last century, and we have been privy to hearing their great content that they have spent a great deal of time conducting. ┬áIt is so pleasant to be able to sit down and listen to your favorite music cd or tape in the car when you are driving to work. This is something that can really advance your emotional maturity to the next level, and if you are willing to share this experience with your friends then you will likely know the joy of spreading positive information and knowledge. The beatles have composed some of the most high quality music in history, and we should respect them for being able to deliver this quality material on such a large scale to the rest of humanity. Other people have commented that the beatles really didn’t have that much talent between them, but this is simply a fallacy, and you should really look into these circumstances before you go making any snap judgements that you might end up eventually regretting.

Certain people have expressed that listening to high quality music on a regular basis helps reduce stressful qualities in the nature of their being. When you listen to the soothing waves of music, you get a calming feeling and a sense of emotional clarity that isn’t recognized anywhere else in the universe except maybe during intense periods of drug usage and other chemical alterations of the mind. Music puts you in an alternate state of consciousness, and really good music can absolutely hypnotize you and put you into a trance like state that will eventually make you feel on top of the world and like you can conquer any challenge that you face within your local world. The music nowadays is highly frustrating and doesn’t really offer that much depth for the listener, and is mainly filled with derogatory terms that don’t offer much emotional connection for the interested party. Some of the music from the past has been an exciting symphony of abstract sounds that really captivates the listener and takes them to other worlds of complex imaginations thoughts. This is something that has been overlooked during today’s standards, and we will have to struggle and fight to get into a new state of mind and overcome these challenges on a daily basis.

Most people don’t really listen to much music, and those who do can immediately recognize the good from the bad and separate the wheat from the chaff here. Listening to your favorite tunes while you are taking a shower is now possible as well with new devices and techniques that have been created over the past 10 years. With all of these viable options nowadays, there simply is no reason not to take full advantage of this situation by capitalizing on the available technology that now sits at are fingertips.

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